Internet Buying Guidelines

Medical and Fitness Products

The fear of Internet commerce seems to be unfounded. Statistics show that the amazing growth of Internet sales continue, despite the early fears of credit card theft. Secure links between browsers and on-line businesses make this type of commercial activity safe. Credit card companies have clarified policies concerning on-line trading and have limited the liability of the purchaser for fraudulent use of credit card numbers.

However, what is still of concern is the decision making process used by the average Internet shopper. Guidelines for the purchase of health and fitness products need to be clear to maximize the benefit of this segment of on-line commerce. Searching for a new computer is different than trying to evaluate which type of health or fitness product to buy. While computers are not essential for our well being, purchasing the wrong type of Blood Pressure Monitor may lead to false readings and incorrect treatment. Inaccurate thermometers may either falsely reassure us or prompt an unnecessary trip to a clinic. All products in the health and fitness categories are not the same. Consequently, price variations may not always be the best way to decide between similar products. Consider the following guidelines when choosing a health and fitness product.

1.What type of product are you looking for? If getting in shape is a goal, what type of exercise equipment is correct for you? What you see on TV may be ideal for the well conditioned models using them but not for you. If you are interested in a certain product, go to an Internet site dedicated to fitness and communicate with a trainer either by email or by phone to discuss your situation. All commercial sites offering health and fitness products should offer a way to contact a physician, nurse, trainer or other knowledgeable person to get the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

2.Although price pressure on the Internet is generally severe, this does not seem to be the case for health care products. Prices, in general, are higher for more competitive products like computers and sports equipment. Health items are usually offered with a moderate markup because of low volume. Some items can be bought in pharmacies and discount stores as cheaply as over the Internet. Unfortunately, the best products are not sold in the large chain stores because the cheaper units sell better. Quality is taken for granted and the results are seen in inaccurate readings, failed performance and limited durability. Buy the best health care or fitness product available and buy it at the best possible price. Get recommendations from your health care practitioner, pharmacist or on-line expert and then shop for the best value.

3.Check out the return policies offered by the retailer. Credit card companies require that this information be available for review. The retailer must stand behind the product and accept it if returned-as long as the conditions of the return policy have been met.

4.Most manufacturers will clearly state a warranty period during which they will accept their product if manufacturing defects are present. They will not cover the product if you simply make a bad choice and want your money back. Often the manufacturer will determine that their product was subjected to abnormal use and, as a result, will not honor their warranty. If they accept the return for a manufacturing error, they will simply replace it with a similar product.

Be extra careful with health and fitness product purchases. Seek out recommendations from people who know the product and the indications for it’s proper use. Delayed diagnosis, incorrect medication and possible personal injury, or worse, can result if you choose the wrong equipment or testing device. A good piece of advice is to select health care related products as carefully as you select your health care practitioner. Medical Product Review provides a catalog of selected medical products that have an important place in your medical care. Our intent is to help you in selecting the right product for your condition. You can be confident that our catalog contains the best products at the best prices.

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