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Xenical affects the amount of fat absorbed in your digestive system, and can prevent up to 33% of  the fat you consume is absorbed by the body. Xenical has proven to be particularly effective on people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, but can be prescribed to anyone with a BMI above the 27th

In digestive process, enzymes in the stomach breaks down fats to less molecules so that fat can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. When the fat is well decomposed as it is stored when not in use. Xenical 120mg prevents the enzyme from functioning fully, making the fats are not broken down nor absorbed by the body. The fat that does not added to the digestion removed by feces.

You take one tablet with every meal, up to three a day. This medicine should not be viewed as a substitutes for low-calorie foods and exercise, but should be seen as a tool that can help you reach your goals easier. Used correctly, you can expect a weight loss of 2-4 kg per month.

You can safely and safe buy Xenical online, When you order medicines are requested you to fill out a confidential online consultation. This service is completely free, and it helps us to ensure your safety and suitability of the by treatment with Viagra. The consultation reviewed by one of the doctors, he can then write a prescription if it is considered to be the right treatment for you. The pharmacy will then send out the medication to you by postal delivery.

What are the benefits of Xenical 120mg?

Xenical has been clinically proven to be a very effective treatment for weight loss. After 6 months of treatment, patients had on average lost 7 kg, while those who stripped without any extra help only went down 3 pounds. There are many health risks associated with obesity and patients who used Xenical, also saw a decrease in blood pressure, sugar level as well as cholesterol value.

How do I use this treatment?

Xenical 120mg tablets are taken orally three times daily with meals. If you miss a meal or you eat a meal containing no fat, you can skip your dose and just continue as normal. Especially fat meal increases the risk of side effects and you should therefore try to only eat meals containing 30% or less fat.

Xenical causes any side effects?

Just like many other prescription treatments, so can the use of Xenical can cause side effects for a small proportion of patients. Fortunately, there are very few who experience side effects, and those who suffer only mild side effects. Some of the side effects reported are: dizziness, abdominal pain and an increased need to visit the toilet.

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